10 Aug 2015

Why the Top Resorts Invest In Ozone

Ozone is fast becoming the superstar in the revolution to achieve healthy air and water and its success is all thanks to people being willing to invest in the health of their patrons and then spreading the word. We’re starting to see more and more Resort’s choosing to invest in Ozone for their air and water sanitation needs. Some of the top resorts who have recently done this through Brauer Industries include Palazzo Versace, Burleigh Surf and the Q1 on the Gold Coast. Why? Below we list some of the more obvious benefits of using Ozone and how this positively influences their environment;

For starters, Ozone is the environmentally friendly partner for pools, spas and water features – purifying the water whilst reducing chemical usage.

It can be used to sanitise air in many different types of spaces and removes bacteria/viruses from all surfaces.

  • For food processing, it’s suitable for wash water and cold storage sanitisation.
  • Cooling Towers benefit not just from the sanitisation process and water consumption savings, but also the elimination of harmful chemicals. This is a complex area, you can read more here:
  • Garbage rooms and chutes can be odour free and sanitary!
  • Resorts are also using Ozone to treat spear/bore water for irrigation, saving thousands of litres of town water and reducing consumption costs.

So now that we’ve had a look at some of the benefits of Ozone and how it can directly impact your environment in a positive way, it’s easy to see why businesses are choosing to invest in Ozone.

If you think clean, healthy, odour free air and water is something that your home or business could also benefit from, call us today to discuss.