19 Mar 2011

The Ozone Swim Advantage

Ozone Swim Commercial Pool Sanitation Systems are a proven and effective complement to chlorine and other chemical based systems to disinfect your swimming pools. Ozone in combination with chlorine is known as the Dynamic Duo – a powerful oxidizing combination.

The primary advantage of Ozone Swim sanitation systems is that Ozone significantly reduces the formation of chlorine by products, notably chloramines and trialomethanes. These by products are readily apparent in indoor environments because they can create a strong smell, but occur in outdoor pools as well. Monitored trials have shown chloramines levels dropping to .08. Because of the reduction in chlorine by products, there will be fewer complaints about red eyes, dry, itchy skin and respiratory ailments. Ozone also oxidises oils and other contaminants within the water.

Ozone Swim systems are easily customised to suit bather load, temperature,turnover rate and primary disinfection method.

After extensive trials Ozone1 Skid Mounted Pool Sanitation Sytems have been endorsed by Swim Australia and as a result are now featured on the Swim Australia website ( Our Product have also been referenced in Splash Magazine, Edition 74, February 2011.

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