Commercial Pools

JUMP! Swim School – Campbelltown NSW

We are so excited to be part of the Ozone Swim family! Our combined levels are NEVER above 0.50, and our students and staff are ecstatic.

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JUMP! Swim School – Cranbourne West VIC

I am writing to express our delight with our new Ozone and UV system which your company installed a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for the excellent service, the installation went well without a hitch. We were struggling to keep our combined chlorine down and wanted the best quality water for our customers. We […]

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Swim For Life

“I have learnt that there are many pool supply operators who are happy to sell you more chemicals to rectify your problems, who do not really understand the demands of a ‘learn to swim’ school…”

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Since the installation of this equipment we have not had 1 single complaint from guests and our owners and myself are extremely happy and looking forward to doing more business with Ozone

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John Carew Swim School

“First and foremost I found Brauer Industries to be genuine and honest with the advice and service provided.”

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Crawchy’s Swim School

“… it took less than 24 hours to install in a very efficient, methodical and courteous manner, to the point where learn to swim lessons were not affected in any way.”

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I highly recommend Ozone 1 and the Hydroguard controller to anyone who wants a trouble free pool.

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Aussie Aquatics

After extensive trials Ozone1 Secondary Disinfection Systems have now been endorsed by Aussie Aquatics

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See how Brauer Industries products are revolutionizing air and water sanitization in:

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Custom Air and Water

Anika Natural Products

“… The final advantage with this system is there are very little moving parts; change over parts or heavy maintenance requirements as well as being very compact in space.”

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The Peak Apartments

“As Building Manager and owner/occupier of the Peak Apartments I am pleased to provide this independent testimonial on the efficiency of the Ozone1 system to treat our Cooling Tower water and chiller system which services 376 apartments in a 53 storey residential tower.”

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