24 Aug 2015

Providing Healthy Ozone Pure Environments Every Day

The power of Ozone goes well beyond clean sparkling water in our pools – did you know it also kills bacteria/viruses, removes odours and sanitises surfaces!?

If you’re the manager of businesses like residential complexes or aged care facilities, you’ll understand the importance of providing and maintaining a clean, healthy environment for residents and guests alike. Providing such an environment can seem easy at first, but it’s generally the maintenance that overwhelms and proves to be costly and difficult to manage over time. Equipment wears out, more chemicals are needed to maintain hygiene and garbage rooms/chutes can become unsightly and smelly… the list goes on!

Here at Brauer Industries, our services go beyond pool water sanitation. Let’s use the garbage chutes/rooms as an example. Our Ozone1 200i series is the perfect companion for eliminating unpleasant smells in these areas. It’s extremely easy to use (just plug in and go), provides 24/7 sterilisation, has low operating costs AND it’s safe and environmentally friendly!

The Ozone 1 200i series is suitable for a vast range of applications and has a long list of benefits, including extending the shelf life of fresh produce, sanitizing food preparation surfaces and sanitising rooms within hotels, day care and aged care facilities to remove bacteria/viruses that cause odours and illness.

Another example of our extensive product range is our spear/bore water treatment. This service is guaranteed to bring you savings in water consumption and ensures you have the highest quality water.

So if you’re looking for ways to “clean up” and maintain areas that require sanitisation, minimize your operating costs and stop the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses – Brauer Industries has a solution for you. Contact one of our friendly staff today to discuss your needs and find the best possible course of action, or have a browse through our extensive range of products. We also have a number of testimonials which can attest to the efficiency and value of our products.