SPEAR/Bore Water Treatment

With rising costs of municipally treated water many people are turning to spears and bore water supply.

Much of the time the water is of good quality, being chlorine free and pleasant to taste. In other cases there can be problems, including staining, corrosion, murky unpleasant appearance/odour, harmful bacteria and other problems. Brauer Industries manufactures a range of filtration solutions to ensure the highest quality water.



Treatment of private water supplies can be complex and not always rectified by what may seem the most obvious answer. The suitable equipment will vary according to levels of contaminants present in your water.

The most commonly treated problems are:

Low pH level (acidic water)
High Iron and Manganese Levels

Our technical team can test your water and provide you with a full report. We can then find the most efficient and cost effective solution for your Spear/Bore water issue/s from the wide range of equipment we manufacture and supply.