Industrial Chemical Controllers

Bringing lab test accuracy to online water quality measurement and control. The proven colorimetric DPD chemistry is the most accurate method for measuring free and total residual chlorine. The analyser adapts to each site’s unique needs by allowing a combination of measurements and control in a single system.

Works in harsh conditions such as sea water, coloured water and water with oil always resulting in high precision, consistent readings.

Hydroguard HG-702

HG-702 is the most accurate and reliable colorimetric analyzer for measuring free or total, or both free and total residual chlorine in water.

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  • Sanitizing large volumes of grey water for reuse in industrial applications, like dust suppression and washing industrial equipment;
  • Cleansing water at fish hatcheries;
  • Sanitizing storage drums at a ginger processing facility;
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing air at poultry farms, to name just a few.