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How does Brauer Industries AOP work – in short:

The combination of dissolved ozone with UV light creates AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). This forms the most reactive agents known to chemistry. AOP has even more oxidation potential than ozone or any other oxidising agent. So much so that where normal oxidising agents fail AOP prevails, the power of the whole system is increased; creating the synergy of AOP.

AOP can enhance water quality second to none, and was traditionally not affordable due to high capital costs; until now.

The combination of Ozone and UV effectively destroys all the organic proteinaceous material which is the basic food material for bacterial and fungi which will not multiply. Further this combination effectively destroys virus.

The AOP + Chlorine will ensure that Cryptosporidium are also destroyed faster than Ozone alone.


Chlorine Only UV & Chlorine Ozone & Chlorine Brauer Industries AOP
Efficiency against bacteria Not 100% Excellent Excellent Excellent
Destruction cryptosporidium and giardia Not very effective Very effective Excellent Excellent
Oxidation power Low Effective Good Excellent
Removal of inorganics Good Good
Removal of colour, odour, taste Some* Good Excellent
Turbidity reduction Poor Good Excellent
COD reduction Slow* Rapid More rapid
TOC reduction Slow* Slow Significant
Destruction of urine components Relatively good Relatively good Very good
Chloramine removal None at normal dose Good Good Very good

*UV dose 60mJ/cm2


The AOP system harnessing the energy of both UV-C and Ozone has made it the most effective and efficient means of water disinfection.

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The AOP system harnessing the energy of both UV-C and Ozone has made it the most effective and efficient means of water disinfection.

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Northern Stars Swim School

The quality of our pool water has improved dramatically through the upgrade to this new system, which uses UV and Ozone together.

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Jump! Swim School Belrose

Jump! Swim Schools Belrose is part of the Jump! Swim Schools Franchise. Jump! Belrose was the first Jump! to open in Sydney on the 31st March 2015 and within 6 months of opening, grew from 70 children per week to 350 per week and currently has 590 children swimming at the school.

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Ashmore Palms

Ashmore Palms Holiday Village is a family owned award winning resort located in the heart of the Gold Coast.

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Swim For Life

Swim For Life (SFL) is an indoor learn to swim centre based on the Gold Coast. The 17m x 6m pool was originally built in 1966 as an outdoor pool that was enclosed & plumbed retrospectively…

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Laurie Lawrence Swim School

Laurie Lawrence Swim School Banora Point has raised the standards for pool water quality. Upon beginning their recent tenure at the Banora Point facility there were a number of problems with the plant room which impacted the quality…

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Crawchy’s Swim School

Traditional methods of water treatment were insufficient with the increase in bather load. Subsequently, CSS contacted Ozone1 to help improve both water quality and bather comfort. Within hours astounding results were achieved…

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Sue Howlett Swim School

Sue Howlett Swim School is an indoor purpose built swim school consisting of two pools in Loganholme, south of Brisbane. Sue Howlett Swim School has a large volume of bathers per week and is one of the preferred swim schools…

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