200i Air Sterilisation Unit

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Air sanitation systems: Destroy garbage odours, bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals.

Ozone1’s 200i series technology has a number of benefits including broad based applications, 24/7 sterilisation, easy to use (plug and play) optional fully automatic controlling via Ozone Air Sensor, low operating costs, safe and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for:

Garbage Chutes and Rubbish Rooms
Extending the shelf life of fresh produce
Bacteria control of food processing filling stations
Sanitise food preparation surfaces
Cool room bacteria control
Odour reduction and IAQ Quality

Dimensions: 800mm x 412mm x 185mm
Weight: 18.5kg
Power: 240v/50Hz
304 Stainless Steel
Industrial Twin High Output UVC Lamps



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