triogen O3 M

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Ozone safely generated and injected under vacuum
Patented ‘Free tube’ ozone module design
Coloured touch screen 6” HMI
Self-contained system (single enclosure)
Refrigerated air pre-dryer (M7 models only)
Dew point Monitor (standard M7 or optional M6)
Internal partitioning with removable access doors for ease of maintenance
Pool water used as cooling water
CE certified, manufactured to ISO 9001:2008

Triogen® O3 M ozone generators are utilised for treatment of large volumes of water. These self-contained units provide exceptional disinfection with effective treatment against chlorine resistant micro-organisms, oxidation of various organic matters and flocculation of colloidal particles, which significantly improves water quality.

All triogen® O3 models supplied with automatic ozone output variation and easy to operate electrical controls. The system operates under vacuum conditions created by a water driven venturi ensuring maximum safety in operation.

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