Ecoline Fresh Water Chlorine Generator

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The FSRC series of Ecoline™ fresh water chlorine generator (chlorinator) is a unique in-line water treatment system suitable for any water source, and requires no added disinfection chemicals. The series is particularly efficient in swimming pools replacing either salt water chlorinators or a physical chlorine based disinfectant.

The chlorine is generated from the small amounts of natural mineral salts already present in natural water, this chlorine is diluted immediately into the passing water, and the cycle continues as a closed process.

The on-site In-line fresh water electrolysers / chlorine generators, an alternative to conventional off-line chlorination system, have the unique capability of reversed polarity which significantly reduces maintenance for electrode cleaning by 95%. This embedded technology in the fresh water chlorinator allows the unit to self-clean, enabling the polarity of electrodes be reversed periodically to de-scale the built up Calcium.

The Ecoline™ models utilise switch mode power supply (SMPS) which results in energy saving. The SMPS, in combination with a unique electrolytic cell using an active anode coating on the cell plates, can increase energy efficiency which is more efficient as compared to the conventional transformer powered chlorine generator.

Reverse polarity leads to reduction in maintenance by de-scaling calcium build-up on the electrode

Powered by switch mode power supply (SMPS)

Considerably more efficient than transformer powered electrolysers/chlorine generators

Expected electrode life – 45,000 hours

Build-in cell cleaning function

Sealed, internally cooled power supply (IP 44)

Skid mounted modular design

TDS Range: 1,200 – 4,000 ppm

Warranty – 3 years



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