Hydroguard HG-302

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The HYDROGUARD® HG-302 TurbiPlus® online water quality analyzer combines accurate turbidity and colorimetric free and/or total chlorine measurements. Turbidity is measured in the colorimeter on the very same water sample as the chlorine for highest precision and control and for reduced maintenance.
This device brings the accuracy of the lab test to commercial and residential swimming pool water monitoring and control. It can handle challenging conditions, such as sea water and thermal pools. Automated accuracy reduces chemical overdosing, assuring environmental and personal safety according to local regulations.

The HYDROGUARD HG-302 TurbiPlus analyzer adapts to your specific needs by allowing a combination of measurements in a single unit, including:

Free and/or total chlorine
ORP (Redox)

Unique system benefits:

Turbidity sensor incorporated into the colorimeter
Eliminates need for external turbidity (NTU) sensor
Low TCO (total cost of ownership)

The HYDROGUARD HG-302 TurbiPlus is a best-in-class technology, combining the most accurate measuring techniques: multi-angle nephelometry white light (90°) turbidity measurement (0-20 NTU) and colorimetric DPD (N,N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine) chemistry measuring free and/or total chlorine (0-10 ppm). The sampling cell features self-cleaning and self-calibration after every measurement to ensure continuous measurement precision and reducing periodic maintenance.

Wireless communication allows for remote alarm monitoring and control. Parameters and alarms can be viewed from any Internet connection or even received by mobile phone, while bidirectional communication connects analyzer and control station to increase safety, minimize site visits and enhance central management systems.

Customized Multi-Parameter Systems

The HYDROGUARD® HG-302 TurbiPlus® is the leading technology in its class, bringing the accuracy of the lab test to swimming pool online monitoring and control. The compact HG-302 TurbiPlus® is uniquely designed for swimming pools, sea water pools and thermal pools. Free and total chlorine are measured using the proven colorimetric DPD chemistry that is not affected by pH changes or presence of stabilizers. The multi-angle nephelometry white light (90°) turbidity measurement is performed on the same water sample in the colorimeter for higher precision and control.

The analyzer provides a combination of additional measurements: pH, ORP, temperature and flow, all in a single system.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership 

HG-302 TurbiPlus® provides efficient control and optimization of filters as well as longer maintenance intervals. Detailed maintenance reminders and alarms provide useful information on events, timing and causes so that pool personnel can respond effectively.

HG-302 TurbiPlus® analyzers perform self-calibration and self-cleaning and show long-term stabilization.

Proven Results: Constantly Clear Water 

Based on HYDROGUARD®’s proven platform, the HG-302 is performing successfully in thousands of pools around the world. HG-302 TurbiPlus® provides the best monitoring and control with fast response time. Its independent measurement method ensures ready-to-measure functioning immediately after an electrical shutdown.

Reliable Wired or Wireless Communication 

Wireless communication allows for remote alarm monitoring and control, increasing safety and reducing site visits.

The HG-302 TurbiPlus® parameters and alarms can be viewed from any Internet connection or even received by mobile phone.



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