Hydroguard HG-102

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Low-Cost Online Monitoring for Public and Private Pools & Spas

HYDROGUARD HG-102 is a reliable and easy to use pH and ORP controller, offering low-cost and real-time monitoring for pools & spas.
Simple installation, seamless operation as well as low maintenance, make the HYDROGUARD HG-102 an ideal tool for Private and public pools and spas, providing long term stability.

Support for 2 x alarm relays enables real-time control of the pool’s safety. Wireless Communications (optional) increases safety and allows for 24/7 remote alarm monitoring and control by the pool administrator, saving unnecessary maintenance. This real time information allows you to manage and monitor your pool conditions anytime, anywhere.

Automatic, Real-Time Chemical Balancing

The HYDROGUARD® HG-102 is a reliable and easy to use pH and redox (ORP) proportional controller. pH and chlorine dosing are automatically activated according to predefined monitoring levels to balance the pool

Excellent Value

Best value for money on the market; an affordable solution to maintaining proper pool performance.

Cost Effective Operation

Quick and easy installation along with seamless operation make the HG-102 an ideal tool for balancing water in swimming pools. Low maintenance and long- term stability are time-saving benefits that enable maintenance personnel to serve more clients in less time.

Web-Based Remote Monitoring

The HYDROGUARD® HG-102 wireless communication offers remote alarm monitoring and control. This is the ideal solution for managing pool conditions while increasing safety and reducing site visits.



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