Industrial Water Treatment Plant

We can deliver Industrial Water Treatment Plants in insulated (12 or 20 ft) containers. Containerisation includes all piping and fittings connected as well as all cables and wires connected to the instrument and control cabinet.

This is a “plug and play” industrial treatment system. These cost- efficient systems do not require extensive local infrastructure and offer low operational costs. With a container, you also have the advantage that the container itself is an actual building which in this way can be left out in the project.



The containers can be delivered with and without insulation and can be equipped with lighting, air-conditioning, emergency shower, computer, etc.

Why containerization?

Containerized plants have many advantages over built-in plant room installations:

Lower Capital Cost – Building the complete system in a factory setting costs less than building and testing the same size system on site. Furthermore, consistent quality is easier to maintain in a factory setting thus insuring the final product will meet client’s needs.

Fast Delivery – Time from order to commissioning is a fraction of what is typically required for a site-built system. Containerized systems are excellent for emergency use applications. They can be easily stored, maintained, and transported for immediate deployment.

Small Footprint – Containerized systems require less land area than site-built systems. Containerized systems can be installed inside existing facilities where site-built systems simply would not have room.

Lower Installation Cost – Less time spent on site for construction and installation means a lower overall cost for installation. Minimal on site preparation is required.

Flexibility – Fully containerized plants can be designed for simple relocation — enabling the plants to be dismantled, transported, and then reassembled at a different location. When the plant is removed from the site, there will be no trace of the complex water treatment system left behind.


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