19 Mar 2014

New Skid Mounted Turnkey Systems

Ozone1 is proud to announce our new Skid Mounted Turnkey Systems, developed for:

  • Commercial Pools
  • Large Residential Pools
  • Bore Water
  • Bottle Water Plants
  • Small Community Drinking water
  • Agriculture
  • Mining Grey Water
  • Cooling Towers

Ozone1 Skid Mounted Turnkey Systems are designed and engineered to provide a complete solution. They are pre-wired, pre-plumbed and mounted on a 316 stainless steel frame. Depending on user need, Ozone output can range from 1 to 120grams/hour, so they can handle the toughest water treatment applications.

Ozone Enriched Water (OEW) breaks down organics, cryptospridium, tannins, iron, chloramines, bacteria and viruses. There is no harmful residual in the water that can damage the environment or plant and equipment.