04 Dec 2014

Introducing Blue I – Ensuring Personal Safety In Pool Water

If you have been looking for a pool sanitation system that accurately measures pool chlorine levels, sanitises water safely and effectively and also stores pool chemical data, the solution is a Blue I Hydroguard Controller. This pool chemical controller operates by frequently testing water quality and then chemically dosing to maintain water balance. This system is entirely automatic and very accurate; therefore ensuring your pool water quality is managed in compliance with local regulations.

One of the challenges with ensuring consistent pool water sanitation in public pools, while keeping chemicals at a healthy level for swimmers and staff, is accurately measuring water quality. Relying on traditional ORP or Free Chlorine sensors to achieve this can at times be unreliable and labour-intensive. Our Hydroguard Blue I controllers use a Colormetric DPD method to automatically and accurately determine both Free Chlorine & Total Chlorine measurements. A DPD1 and DPD3 testis conducted every ten minutes by the Blue I, resulting in extremely consistent sanitation. This frequency of testing and water balance dosing negates the requirement of bulk dosing which can put pool users at risk.

Water quality data is uploaded into cloud based storage for you and stored for 2 years. The reason we do this is to help you maintain effective water quality records, which may provide evidence for you in the case of a complaint. This system also assists you to manage your water quality, as email and SMS alerts are sent to appropriate personnel when set standards are not met.

This Blue I technology is available for both private and commercial pools and will reliably keep your pools’ water within health and safety regulations, no matter what your bather load is, or how it varies. It is an exceptionally reliable pool sanitation solution which will give you peace of mind today and long term cost savings over time.

If you would like more information about the Blue I controllers, you can download a brochure from the following page on our website: Blue I Brochure