22 May 2016

Improving Water Quality

We all share similar memories of enjoying the water on a family holiday, especially here in Australia where surf, sea and sand make up a huge part of our lifestyle. Besides swimming for pleasure we also use public pools for rehabilitation and exercise and trust each facility to provide a clean, healthy swimming environment for us to enjoy.

Unfortunately our swimming experience can sometimes be dampened by skin and eye irritation and the repelling odour of chlorine and its by-products. Sadly, not all public pools comply with regulated water standards and in a lot of cases just don’t have the adequate equipment to maintain those standards, especially those that have a high volume of bathers.

In an online world where information is at our fingertips, negative feedback or complaints concerning water quality can certainly impact visitor numbers as patrons are not only browsing for the best deal, they are looking for a quality venue where they can relax and unwind. Give them the water they deserve!

Brauer Industries Pty Ltd

Brauer Industries is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of Ozone technology for water sanitation and has a large range of innovative products that are on the cutting edge of water treatment technology.

These products include:

Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems

As seen on Channel 7 News, Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems use patented technology to rapidly destroy organics, impurities, bacteria and virus as well as chlorine by-products (chloramines) that are the known cause of skin, eye and respiratory irritations. Ozone Swim systems are also remarkable due to the fact that they destroy chlorine resistant organisms such as Cryptosporidium.

In addition to being a natural flocculent, Ozone will not leave a chemical residual within your pool as once it has oxidized any unwanted pollutants (3500 times faster than chlorine), it breaks down into simple oxygen leaving your water noticeably softer. As Ozone purifies, chlorine levels can also be dramatically reduced therefore extending equipment life and reducing the amount of balancing chemicals required. The perfect environmentally friendly, low maintenance solution safe for allergy, Asthma an Eczema sufferers.

Blue I – Hydroguard Chemical Controllers

If your facility has been looking for a pool sanitation system that accurately measures pool chlorine levels, sanitises water safely and effectively and also stores pool water chemistry data, the solution is a Blue I Hydroguard Controller. These chemical controllers operate by frequently testing water quality and chemically dosing to maintain water balance. This system is entirely automatic and very accurate; therefore ensuring your pool water quality is managed in compliance with regulations.

Relying on traditional ORP or Free Chlorine sensors to achieve water balance can at times be unreliable and labour-intensive. Hydroguard Blue I controllers use Colorimetric DPD technology to automatically and accurately determine both Free Chlorine & Total Chlorine measurements. A DPD1 and DPD3 test is conducted every ten minutes resulting in extremely consistent sanitation. This frequency of testing and water balance dosing negates the requirement of bulk dosing which can put pool users at risk.

Online monitoring

If you opt for online monitoring, water quality data is uploaded into cloud based storage at every test and is retained for 2 years. This will help you maintain effective water quality records which may provide evidence for you in the case of a complaint. Email and SMS alerts can also be sent to appropriate personnel when set standards are not met to alleviate the problem long before bathers have the opportunity to notice any difference in the water quality.

Testing parameters

  • Free Chlorine;
  • Total Chlorine;
  • pH;
  • ORP;
  • Turbidity;
  • Temperature;
  • Flow; and
  • TDS.

Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

Brauer Industries has developed a revolutionary line of Secondary AOP Disinfection Systems suitable for resort/hotel pools. These AOP systems combine the powers of both Ozone and UV-C technology to produce one of the most reactive oxidising agents known to chemistry.

How it Works
Ozone is produced when oxygen passes through our patented stainless steel Corona Discharge cells. The Ozone gas is then introduced into the water via our unique Ozone Injection Manifold. We then use our proprietary calculation method to determine the best possible mixing of the Ozone water and send it through our stainless steel static mixing modules. To ensure the most efficient use of the Ozone we size the contact vessels and connecting pipe network accordingly.

Ozone enriched water is then passed through our Ti02 UV reactor chamber where the Ozone enriched water undergoes photolysis, releasing Hydroxyl Free Radicals which react strongly against micro-pollutants. Hydroxyl Free Radicals effectively destroy bacteria, viruses, cysts, chlorine by-products (chloramines) and chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium.

AOP systems have low running and maintenance costs and can be pre-built and skid mounted on 316 stainless steel frames to enable fast and easy install.

AOP Advantages

  • Dramatically reduces free available chlorine levels (FAC);
  • Dramatically reduces combined chlorine levels (Chloramines);
  • Depletion of Trihalomethanes (THMs);
  • Breaks down dissolved impurities such as oils and organic wastes;
  • Improves filtration of suspended solids such as human dander;
  • Environmentally friendly with no chemical residue;
  • Economical with minimal maintenance requirements;
  • Reduces skin, eye and respiratory irritations; and
  • Improves bather comfort and water clarity.


  • Learn to Swim Pools;
  • Aquatic Centres;
  • Water Parks;
  • Hydrotherapy Pools; and
  • Resort & Hotel Pools.

For more information contact Brauer Industries today– 1300 696 631 or visit