A common complaint amongst pool users is poor air and water quality (e.g., the strong chlorine smell in indoor pools), and ongoing irritation to the eyes and skin. These issues are eliminated when using Ozone Swim sanitation systems. Because of the reduction in chemical usage, some commercial pool owner have reported a significant increase in patrons, hence revenue. You will find your team members down time reduced.

We are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of ozone technology. Collectively we have over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, with several patents to our name. We are proudly Australian owned and operated (www.brauerindustries.com)

Ozone denatures protein (colloidal solutions) thereby causing organics to flocculate, which are then captured by standard filtration. The result is sparkling water even to the extent of seeing a twenty cent coin under two meters of water either heads or tails.

Brauer Industries systems break down organics, impurities, bacteria and viruses within pool water, hence the chlorine has little work to do and acts as a residual rather than the primary disinfectant. This means to maintain the regulated residual less chlorine is required.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) are a measure of all soluble matter dissolved in pool water. Mains water often has a TDS of several hundred mg/l. All chemicals added to a pool, particularly chlorides and sulphates, increase the TDS level. A high TDS level is an indication of chemical overload or a lack of dilution of pool water. By having the Ozone1 system in place the chemicals added are reduced, hence the TDS will increase at a slower rate so less dumping of water is required.

Brauer Industries systems incorporate a propriety Mass Transfer Chamber (so that ozone gas dissolves into the water) as well as our unique Degas Vessel and Granular Activated Carbon filter (GAC). This combination ensures that no ozone gas enters the swimming area. Dissolved ozone levels are low, so there is no threat to plant or equipment.

Ozone gas dissolves in water to kill micro-organisms, destroys organics that create chloramines, and breaks down existing chloramines by oxidation. This oxidation happens immediately at the ozone gas injection point and continues within our proprietary mass transfer chamber. A small residual (~0.1 ppm) of dissolved ozone (no longer in gaseous state) then enters the pool, providing further oxidation of contaminants.

Ozone is triatomic oxygen (O3). Ozone is created naturally in the atmosphere; in fact, you are breathing trace elements of ozone right now. Ozone is widely used to sanitize both air and water. One of the great benefits of ozone is that it is environmentally friendly: when injected into water it quickly breaks down into simple oxygen, but when doing so it kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts that can exist in pool water, as well as breaking down dissolved impurities, like suntan cream. Unlike chemicals, there is no long lasting residue.