25 Jul 2015

Does Your Children’s’ Swim School Have Healthy Swimming Water?

Learning to swim is an extremely important skill, especially here in Australia where Surf, Sea and Sand make up a huge part of our lifestyle. Besides swimming for pleasure, in Australia we use pools for rehabilitation, exercise, even a venue for a kid’s birthday party. We love our public pools, and we trust them to provide a clean, healthy place for us to enjoy.

It’s sad but true that sometimes our desire to attend swimming classes, rehabilitation, or attending that birthday party can be dampened by skin and eye irritation, and the repelling smell of chlorine and its by-products. This really is unfortunate as it’s totally avoidable! It is also unhealthy.

Sadly, not all commercial pools comply with regulated water standards therefore their patrons are left to suffer the typical irritations associated with swimming in unhealthy water. In a lot of cases, Public Swimming Pool’s just don’t have the adequate equipment to maintain regulated water standards, especially those that have a high volume of bathers.

Each state across Australia has different rules in regard to this – typically around the reading levels they set. For example, for all States and Territories across Australia, with the exception of SA and VIC, pH levels must be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8. Also, the combined and total chlorine levels should be no greater than 30% of the free chlorine levels. You can find this and loads more information about Public Swimming Pool Legislation here:

So if you are finding that a swim in your local pool gives you red, itchy eyes, dry itchy skin or causes you to develop a cough, it is probably worth posing the question. Ask at reception whether the pool is active in its duty to meet commercial pool health standards. It is likely your pool is not, which is why these symptoms are occurring.

Brauer Industries is committed to providing premium, environmentally friendly commercial and residential pool sanitation products, made to the highest of standards. We have successfully helped many Swim School’s provide their patrons with a healthy swimming environment which you can read about here:

So if you do not think you are getting this at your local pool, why not recommend they contact us. We can definitely help them, and your health will be the ultimate beneficiary.