02 Jan 2016

The Healthy Swimming Pool Alternative

It seems the backyard pool has become the cornerstone of family life, especially for those of us with young ones at home. If your kids are anything like mine they’re in the pool all summer long, morning until night if I let them which ironically creates a real problem for a lot of families. When […]

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24 Aug 2015

Providing Healthy Ozone Pure Environments Every Day

The power of Ozone goes well beyond clean sparkling water in our pools – did you know it also kills bacteria/viruses, removes odours and sanitises surfaces!? If you’re the manager of businesses like residential complexes or aged care facilities, you’ll understand the importance of providing and maintaining a clean, healthy environment for residents and guests […]

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10 Aug 2015

Why the Top Resorts Invest In Ozone

Ozone is fast becoming the superstar in the revolution to achieve healthy air and water and its success is all thanks to people being willing to invest in the health of their patrons and then spreading the word. We’re starting to see more and more Resort’s choosing to invest in Ozone for their air and water sanitation needs. […]

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