16 Aug 2016

Building a pool?

If you have decided to invest in the ultimate luxury – a backyard swimming pool, you may now be daunted by the decisions that follow. Besides budget and construction specifics, a suitable sanitation system should be carefully considered as it will have a direct impact on your water quality, health and swimming experience.   Water […]

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12 Jul 2016

Take advantage of current tax legislation and protect your swimmers today!

Irritations from exposure to chlorine by-products (Chloramines) and illnesses associated with chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium are unfortunately on the rise forcing valued staff and patrons to avoid the water. As per the below news article, nine children were even hospitalised recently in Queensland after swimming lessons. This is both shocking and sad considering […]

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22 May 2016

Improving Water Quality

We all share similar memories of enjoying the water on a family holiday, especially here in Australia where surf, sea and sand make up a huge part of our lifestyle. Besides swimming for pleasure we also use public pools for rehabilitation and exercise and trust each facility to provide a clean, healthy swimming environment for […]

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