Jump! Swim School Belrose


Jump! Swim Schools Belrose is part of the Jump! Swim Schools Franchise. Jump! Belrose was the first Jump! to open in Sydney on the 31st March 2015 and within 6 months of opening, grew from 70 children per week to 350 per week and currently has 590 children swimming at the school.

Once our bather load reached 300 per week, I noticed the water chemistry started to struggle with the current set up I had of liquid chlorine and acid with a rolachem series 9 controller, with my chloramines over 2ppm. Over the next year, I was being wrongly advised from other companies with in the pool industry with no results which is when I decided to contact Brauer Industries.

The Systems Development Manager at Brauer Industries was very helpful and understanding and within 4 weeks I had an AOP 5G installed as secondary sanitation with my current set up of salt chlorination and acid. After running for just one week my chloramines went from 2ppm to 0.5ppm and the water quality is much clearer and my teachers and clients noticed the difference when in the water.

Cameron Koolloos


Pre Ozone1 AOPPost Ozone1 AOP
Combined Chlorine2 ppm0.5 ppm
Free Chlorine3.5 ppm1.5 ppm
Total Chlorine5.5 ppm2.0 ppm