Ashmore Palms

Project overview

Ashmore Palms Holiday Village is a family owned award winning resort located in the heart of the Gold Coast. Along with all the beautiful birds and first class facilities around the village is the Paradise Lagoon area which features the colourful mushroom heated pool which has a shallow kids area and deeper adult section. This pool is very popular with both our new and returning guests which results in extremely high use. We wanted to ensure we have the highest standard of water quality with minimal chlorine odours due to the pools close proximity to our beautiful Macau Parrots.


Our new Brauer Industries system is as close to a set and forgot system as possible. The accurate dosing and secondary purification that now occurs has eliminated the requirements for constant chlorine top ups and runs smoothly throughout the challenging conditions met each year around the Christmas school holidays. Staff and guests continually comment on how well the system has handled the busy times and extreme hot season.


My family and I have been running commercial pools for over 30 years and were thankfully introduced to the Brauer Industries team in 2016. The service provided was excellent right through from the first inspection, recommendations, explanations, through to installation, training and follow up service work.  We had a really busy summer period along with extreme weather conditions and the pool held up better than expected. It was the first year that we didn’t have to top up the pool with liquid chlorine and we had crystal clear water 24/7 with no harsh chlorine odours. We all have the confidence now to really let our guests know that their families are swimming in the healthiest, irritant free water possible. Positive guest feedback is extremely rewarding and listening to all of the recent praise from our guests about the water quality is fantastic.

I/we are glad that we made the long term investment with Brauer Industries as since having the Bluei chemical controller and AOP (O3 + UV) systems installed we have not looked back. We are now looking forward to many more care free summers with no headaches and some beautiful pool water for our guests.

Geoff Illich – On behalf of Frank Illich Owner / Operator (Ashmore Palms Holiday Village)