23 Feb 2015

Are Ozone Pool Sanitation Systems Expensive?

Assuming you didn’t know anything about Ozone Swim™ Pool Sanitation Systems, the truth is that the price-tags attached to these systems are probably going to make you look twice. They are a premium product so they are a little more expensive than standard Sanitation Systems. That being said, it’s important to look beyond just the purchase price – there are big savings to be made over time due to reduced operating costs! Let’s have a look at how this works.

For starters, with an Ozone Swim™ Pool Sanitation System you begin by greatly reducing the costs of chemicals and maintenance.Most clients find that they can reduce their chlorine needs at least by half.  Pool owners alsoget a huge chunk of savings with their Salt Cells. The Salt Cell (when part of a normal System) typically wears out in about 3 – 5 years. These Salt Cells can cost a lot to replace, and many Pool Shop owners will choose to sell you a completely new system when this happens. When using an Ozone Swim™ Pool Sanitation System the heavy workload put on the Salt Cell is greatly reduced, thus extending the life of the salt cell.

If the maintenance related money you save hasn’t already convinced you to make a positive change to your pool, think about the toll all those harsh chemicals have on your eyes and body! With an Ozone Swim™ Sanitation System cleaner and noticeably softer water is achieved by.  Our systems kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts, as well as break down impurities like organic matter which improves the filtration of suspended solids.  Because of the improvement in water quality, our commercial versions of these systems are endorsed by Swim Australia and are installed in numerous public pools, including Laurie Lawrence Swim Schools.

Ozone Swim™ Pool Sanitation Systems are designed to complement your setup and prolong your equipment’s life.  So whether it’s your pool, spa or water feature that needs the Ozone Swim™ system, you can be sure this premium product will save you bucket loads!

To find out more about these Ozone Swim Pool Sanitation Systems and their benefits, give us a call today on 1300 696 631 or visit our website